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8 October 1999

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Half mini disc harrow, half press, Vaderstads new 6.5m

Rexius Disc is a multi-purpose minimal tillage tool intended

for use on light to medium land. Andy Moore reports

A MULTI-PURPOSE minimal tillage cultivator, combining Vaderstads Rapid direct drill discs and Rexius heavy-duty press, will be on sale next spring.

Unveiled at a Vaderstad demonstration on Neville Estates, Lincs, the 6.5m Rexius Disc is designed primarily for mixing crop residues or for top work after the press or plough.

Key feature, says Vaderstad, are the narrow diameter 450mm serrated discs which are designed to mix, rather than incorporate, crop residue with top soil.

"Working to 7cm depth, the Rexius Disc is well suited for no-till drilling where there is the need to conserve soil structure and moisture," says Tim Needham of Vaderstad. "Heavy incorporation equipment such as disc harrows tend to work the soil too deeply and destroy nutrients beyond this valuable 7cm structure."

The discs are mounted on rubber suspension brackets enabling them to float over large stones and ground contours. Both rows are set at angles to each other for an even residue mixture and divided into three independently mounted sections for additional float. That also enables a 2.5m transport width.

Angle of attack for the discs is adjusted using a turnbuckle mounted on each section with depth controlled manually. Individual section depth can be changed using a pin and hole arrangement.

Behind the discs and also divided into three sections, lies the heavy duty single press as used on the existing Rexius cultivators. The press is mounted on suspension bearings to limit shock loads and can be hydraulically raised/ lowered to adjust disc penetration.

When worked directly into stubbles, Mr Needham says two or three passes of the Rexius Disc are needed to achieve a light tilth suitable for direct drilling.

"After the first pass, the soil is best left to weather for a few days before making another pass in the opposite direction. Volunteer weeds can then be sprayed off before drilling," he says. "As a secondary role, the implement can also be used to apply finishing touches to conventionally cultivated ground."

At operating speeds of 15kph, Mr Needham says the implement is capable of 32ha/day (80 acres) in light to medium land. Rapid workrates, he adds, are also made possible by the implements modest 4.5t weight and 160hp requirement.

A price is yet to be announced. &#42

The 6.5m Rexius Disc (right) is designed to create a light tilth suitable for direct drilling operations. Two rows of serrated 450mm discs (below) are intended to mix the valuable top 7cm soil surface structure.

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