Cunningham bombs in popularity poll

20 May 1998

Cunningham bombs in popularity poll

By FWi staff

DR Jack Cunningham has been voted the most unpopular farm minister in recent times, according to an internet poll by agri-chemical company Cyanamid.

Registered users on Cyanamids agriCentre website were invited to pass their judgement on the six most recent agriculture ministers, from John Gummer to Dr Cunningham.

Dr Cunningham was far and away perceived as the least favourite holder of the post in recent years after receiving a massive 55% of the anti vote.

Dr Cunninghams decision to ban beef on the bone and allegations that he has withheld £139 million of farm support were the two issues most frequently referred to by disgruntled respondents.

Fedora-wearing Douglas Hogg, the Conservative minister who had the misfortune of being in office when the BSE crisis broke, received one-third of the vote to put him in second place.

John Gummer came a distant third with 7% of the vote, while Gillian Shepherd and William Waldegrave both received just 3% of the vote. John MacGregors role in administrating the countryside appears to have been largely forgotten – he scored the lowest disapproval rate of only 1%.

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