Currencies and grain trading

  • £1=DM2.806 / FFr9.41 / $1.697

  • FOB Rouen October wheat value: FFr 770.00 (£ 81.82)

  • Chicago December wheat at close: $2.87 (£ 62.06)

YESTERDAY was very quiet, with the main news being the MAFF crop figure of 15.4m tonnes of wheat. Although this has been largely ignored by the trade, MAFFs track record shows it is seldom far from the truth.

The market is still waiting for news of the Bangladesh tender.

Prices at Wednesdays
wheat futures close:

MONTH Close Change
NOV 77.60 -0.05
JAN 79.60 -0.05
MAR 81.60 -0.05
MAY 83.50 -0.25
JUL 85.60 -0.05
SEP 80.50 -0.40

    Approximate commodity
    values, £/tonne, ex-farm:

    October Class 1 milling wheat90-94
    October Class 2 milling wheat80-84
    October Soissons85-91
    October feed wheat74-75
    October feed barley74-75
    Harvest 1999 feed wheat76
    Setpember 1999 feed wheat78
    January 2000 feed wheat83

  • Information provided by BDR Agriculture Ltd, Harvest House, 64 North Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire PE10 9AJ – click here for further details

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