Cuts in coarse grain predictions

By FWi staff

THE production of coarse grains has been predicted 7 million tonnes lower at 877 million tonnes as a result of lower revisions by a number of countries.

The drop in production, which is expected to be 894 million tonnes, is attributable to smaller estimates for maize in Brazil and the US and for barley in Iran and Russia, noted the International Grains Council in its monthly report.

As a result of small increases for a number of countries, including Brazils higher import requirements of maize, the figure for world trade has risen 1 million tonnes to 99 million tonnes.

World consumption has been predicted 2 million tonnes higher on the back of an increase in feed use in the US.

“An outbreak of poultry flu in the EC (Italy), and the need to slaughter affected flocks, could bring some reduction in feed demand,” said a spokesman from the IGC.

World stocks are estimated 8 million tonnes lower at 151 million tonnes as a result of higher feed use in the US and lower production estimates for Brazil and Russia.

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