Cutting edge cultivator

9 March 2001

Cutting edge cultivator

LATEST cultivator development from Franquet is the Synchrospire which builds on the companys combination of interlocking synchronised spirals, linked mechanically by chains and sprockets.

The Synchrospire can be used with a wide range of tools including a multipurpose stubble ploughing tool which employs finned blades rather than discs to level the ground. The unit is also equipped with the new Rotoclean re-compaction roller which is claimed to provide full levelling and be capable of being operated in wetter conditions.

Franquet also offers the Combigerm cultivator, a combined implement for preparing seed-beds which uses a levelling board, vibrating tines and notched rollers as its principal elements. &#42

Franquets Combigerm cultivator is one of a range of new implements now available from the company.

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