Daily Mail backs down over milk ‘hormone’ claims

The Daily Mail has printed a correction after it ran an article suggesting British milk is tainted by pus and hormones.

Farmers For Action (FFA) complained about the article, published on 30 August and written by Dr Sohère Roked, which examined foods that might make you feel tired.

The piece “Healthy food that saps your energy” referred to “pus’” in milk and said that cows were injected with hormones to keep them milking all year and “these pass into our milk”.

It sparked outrage in the farming community, which pointed out the claims were factually inaccurate and damaging to the dairy sector.

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FFA said it had agreed with the Press Complaints Commission that if a clarification was run in the newspaper and the article was removed from the Daily Mail’s website then it would regard the issue as closed.

The wording of the clarification was agreed as: “A book serialisation of The Tiredness Cure by Dr Sohère Roked on 1 September said that hormones and antibiotics injected into dairy cattle can pass into retail milk, that there is a legal limit for the number of pus cells it may contain, and that most flour is ‘bleached’. We are happy to clarify that it is illegal to use hormones to stimulate milk production in the UK, that testing prevents antibiotics from passing into retail milk, and that the limit relates to all somatic cells. Flour is no longer bleached in the UK.”

Dr Roked has already apologised on Facebook for any offence caused by her comments .

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