Dairy chiefs angry over milk bidding changes

15 July 1998

Dairy chiefs angry over milk bidding changes

MILK MARQUE will fail to sell all of its milk in the July selling round after raising prices and changing the auction rules, dairy industry chiefs warned.

Milk Marque is heading for a showdown tomorrow with its dairy industry customers when bids for six-month contracts must be submitted for the 13.6 million litres of milk on offer.

Milk Marque has scrapped a rule that re-starts the whole auction process at a lower price if bids are not received for 90% of the milk on offer.

The dairy companies are particularly angry because they do not know what the farmers co-operative plans to do if it fails to sell enough milk. They claim the scrapping of the rules were an abuse of Milk Marques monopoly.

  • The Times 15/07/98 page 26

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