Dairy Crest aims to strengthen Stilton

20 December 2001

Dairy Crest aims to strengthen Stilton

By FWi staff

DAIRY CREST is attempting to create a brand within a brand in order to broaden the appeal of Stilton cheese, reports the Financial Times.

While Stilton accounts for 60% of the UK blue cheese market, blue cheese comprises just 2.6% of the total UK cheese market.

And many younger consumers seem to be rejecting the traditional cheese, as more than a quarter of Stilton buyers are over 65.

In a bid to attract new customers, Dairy Crest is developing a Hartington sub-brand, which its delicatessen products are already using.

The dairy giant hopes to Hartington will fare as well as its Cathedral City Cheddar brand which sells almost 7000 tonnes a year.

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