Dairy farm assurance launch

17 September 1999

Dairy farm assurance launch

Dairy farm assurance launch

AFTER four years of negotiations, the dairy industry has launched the National Dairy Farm Assurance Scheme which it claims can be used both to defend and promote the industry.

The scheme, developed by the NFU, United Kingdom Federation of Milk Producer Organisations, the Dairy Industry Federation and the British Cattle Veterinary Association, should be operating by the end of the year.

Chairman of the assurance scheme, Staffs dairy farmer Bill Madders, said: "This scheme is the culmination of many months work. It has produced a straightforward and practical scheme for farmers, offering confidence to consumers of British milk and dairy products."

Farmers would benefit from joining because the scheme would standardise assurance requirements. At the moment many purchasers operated their own schemes, said Mr Madders.

They would also gain from joining the scheme because it would help secure and develop sales of milk and dairy products.

And while milk buyers will have to pay £500 plus £12/year for each dairy farmer contracted to them, the intention is that there would be no charge for individual producers.

Milk buyers will be responsible for organising on-farm assessments of standards, with inspections done by contracted assessors. In addition, there will be some independent, random farm audits.

The scheme was an opportunity for milk buyers to demonstrate their commitment to the industry, Mr Madders added.

The aim was to have an eye-catching logo which could be used to promote the assurance scheme and the standards it represented to consumers.

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