Dairy success is a match for Beckham goal

14 June 2002

Dairy success is a match for Beckham goal

By Jessica Buss

AS the Queen walked through the cattle lines at the South of England Show a huge cheer from the stockmen erupted. But it had more to do with the final whistle of the England v Argentina game than the special visitor, who passed a few feet away as the stockmen huddled around small television sets for the game.

But the grins in the cattle lines extended to Catherine Moody. In partnership with Peter Prior, showing under the Radley Green/ Designer Holsteins and Jerseys banner, she took the interbreed dairy champion and reserve. The champion was the mature Jersey cow Imperial Scorpion 1 and reserve the Holstein second calver Designer Jed Leola.

The previous day, the Essex-based partnership had taken both Holstein and Jersey breed champion and reserve tickets.

"To win both breed championships at a show of this quality has made it our weekend. It is just amazing," said Mrs Moody. They have won the shows breed title with their Holsteins for the last three events, but Mrs Moody believes this will be a once in a lifetime experience.

However, the partnership has a strong commitment to showing and about four of the 13 South of England show cows will be going to the Royal Show next month. "Its great to be able to get out showing again this year, otherwise dairying is a secluded job," she added.

Showing has not proved too difficult. Although the farm has approved isolation for show cows, with 20 days between shows, the show team will be rejoining the main herd before their next outing.

In the beef lines, herd manager Charlie Maclean, of Mortimer Farm, Hants, was also delighted with the companys success in the beef interbreed championship. Its British Charolais bull Mortimers Riddle had also won the breed championship and best exhibitor-bred beef animal tickets at the Bath and West Show in the previous week. Mr Maclean also plans to show at the Royal Highland and Royal Show this year.



Interbreed British Charolais Mortimer Farms bull Mortimer Riddle; res, A Jukes British Simmental bull Swallowmill Maestro.

Aberdeen Angus Shadwell Estates bull Shadwell Black Brigand; res, its bull Shadwell Emperor.

Sussex M K D Hinds bull Mayfield Major; res, C E and W S Millsons bull Trottenden Keystone 2.

Hereford P Noels bull Sarrabande Ferrari; res, her heifer Sarrabande Emma 43.

Highland D Owens heifer Lynette of Portland Pedigree; res, his cow Ellit of Pennygown.

British Charolais Mortimer Farms bull Mortimer Riddle; res, Mr and Mrs A Whites cow Balbithan Nadia.

British Simmental J P Peters cow Camus Greensleves; res, A Jukes bull Swallowmill Maestro.

Blonde dAquitaine A R Harris cow Fovant Maybe; res, Jones and Garratts cow Egerton Pandora.

British Limousin Buritow Estates cow Miscombe Orchid; res, M E Davis bull Gotham Pilgrim.

British White C L Barrans heifer Wispers Pocahontas; res, C L Barrans cow Whispers Pretty Maid.

Other/Dual Purpose D Owens Beef Shorthorn bull Boxer/Nevada Nitetime; res, J L Dunlops Beef Shorthorn bull Tarrant Jackal.

Sainsburys super beef bull Shadwell Estates Aberdeen Angus Shadwell Emperor; res, Old Barn Farms Aberdeen Angus Old Barn Prince Camelott.


Interbreed Radley Green/Designer Jerseys cow Imperial Scorpion 1; res, their Holstein cow Designer Jed Leola.

Ayrshire M D M Ridleys cow Ridley Hill Heathland; res, Oathall Community Colleges cow Oathall Rusty 3.

Holstein Radley Green/Designer Holsteins second calver Designer Jed Leola; res, their third calver Robmar Astre Myrobella.

Guernseys Sir Howard Guiness mature cow White Ladies Tiara 12; res, his second calver White Ladies Heidi 6.

Jersey Radley Green/Designer Jerseys cow Imperial Scorpion 1; res, their heifer in-milk Kentucky Cigs Harlequin.

Dexter DL Smiths in-calf cow Moomin Pollydoodle; res, J A Knights Knightsway Calypso.

Dairy Crest super cow Plumpton Colleges Holstein Plumptondown Bigtime Mistress 2; res, W D Carr Partnerships Springbird Starboy Nora.


Interbreed Mr and Mrs C Bulls British Saddleback gilt Morebread Dinah; res, Oathall Community Colleges Large White gilt Dainty Lady 1.

White breeds Oathall Community Colleges Dainty Lady 1; res, its Dainty Lady 2.

Coloured breeds Mr and Mrs C Bulls British Saddleback gilt Morebread Dinah; res, D Overtons Gloucester Oldspot sow Exfold Princess 68.

Pig of the Year qualifier Mr and Mrs C Bulls Morebread Dinah; res, their Berkshire gilt Morebread Louise 17. &#42

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