Dairy title means four in a row

30 June 2000

Dairy title means four in a row

By Emma Penny

PEEBLES dairy producer Alister Laird made it four in a row at last weeks Royal Highland Show, taking the dairy interbreed championship for the fourth successive year.

This year, his seven-year-old cow Bonvale Broker Natasha, who gave 11,500kg in her last lactation, took the eye of Canadian judge Robert Ness, who described her as a tremendous dairy cow. "We need cows which can make milk and have the equipment to deal with it. I am not going to criticise her in any way."

The five-year-old Ayrshire cow Bankend Wren took reserve supreme champion for Ayr-based breeder Gavin Lawrie, pipped at the post because she lacked bloom compared with the champion.

In the beef ring, Limousin cattle claimed the team interbreed trophy, with Simmentals in reserve, while a Limousin also went on to take the supreme championship. Canadian judge Robert Matthews selected the Northern Irish bull Millbrook Lancelot from Crawford Bros as his winner.

"He is a strongly muscled beef bull with plenty of capacity, is good in his shoulders and looks like he would be easy calving."

Reserve spot was taken by the four-year-old Charolais bull Foxacre Maximus from Northants breeders P M and S M Donger. "He is a smaller-framed bull, but both he and the Limousin are very close. They are outstanding bulls," said Mr Matthews.

In the sheep lines, which had record entries, a commercial animal took the title for the first time in the shows history – A E and C Stewarts Scotch Halfbred ewe with two lambs at foot. Aberdeenshire-based judge John Mackie said he chose the ewe as she was full of character, and had two very equal lambs at foot. "It is difficult to produce a ewe with two equal lambs at foot, and they are like peas in a pod."

The Texel champion from Shrewsbury-based S P and C P Williams took reserve spot, with the Beltex champion Viagra from the Biggar Beltex Partnership also being in the top draw but pipped at the post.

Catchy weather depressed attendance on the first two days, but numbers on Saturday and Sunday were up almost 8000 on both days compared with last year. Total attendance over the four days was 144,836, an increase of about 1800.

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Aberdeen Angus champion Netherton Lady Jane X13 from W and D McLaren, Perthshire.



Interbreed Crawford Bros Limousin bull Millbrook Lancelot; res, P M and S M Dongers British Charolais bull Foxacre Maximus.

Junior interbreed J Irvine and Sons Charolais bull Inverlochy Passport; res, &#42 Stevensons Aberdeen Angus bull Netherton Lord Jockey.

Interbreed team Limousin; res, Simmental.

Native breeds interbreed team Aberdeen Angus; res, Hereford.

Beef Shorthorn James Biggars cow Chapleton Princess Royal K28; res, Wenmar Farms bull Wenmar Priceless.

Aberdeen Angus W and D McLarens heifer Netherton Lady Jane X13; res, J and A Hennings bull Ballamanaugh Estefan.

Galloway R and &#42 Finlays cow Blackcraig Bertha D.1; res, Glenkiln Farm Ptnrs heifer Glenkiln Gem.

Belted Galloway &#42 B Hamiltons cow Lullenden Abbie; res, Sir Chip Keswicks bull Mochrum Kyle.

Highland W A N Thomsons cow Bachy 3 of Woodneuk; res, Kelso Logans heifer Ban-Iarla Morag of Blairlogan.

Hereford J A Cameron and Sons heifer Baldinnie 1 Lassie 2, and res with bull Baldinnie 1 Craven.

Lincoln Red A Mylius heifer St Fort Elspeth, and res with bull St Fort Atlas.

Charolais P M and S M Dongers bull Foxacre Maximus, and res with cow Seawell Nanette.

Simmental Balmanno Farms bull Balmanno Horatio; res, G W Smiths cow Drumsleed Erin.

Limousin Crawford Bros bull Millbrook Lancelot; res, R Dicks cow Ronick Janita.

Blonde DAquitaine Hillhead Blondes cow Gregors Janet; res, D M C Grants heifer Ardmore Opa.

Belgian Blue J Barber and G Brindleys bull Gypse; res, M Wildes bull Ridgedean Rainer 2.

Salers W Davidsons bull Lochinvar; res, GS McClymonts cow Cuil Kay.

Commercial cattle B S Patons Limousin cross female Taylor Maid; res D MacGregors Limousin cross female.

Elite Beefbreeder R Dicks Limousin bull Ronick One; res, P and A Langs Limousin bull Ryedale Orion.


Interbreed A Lairds Holstein cow in calf Bonvale Broker Natasha; res, G Lawrie and Sons Ayrshire cow Bankend Wren 104.

Junior interbreed M W and A Stevensons Ayrshire cow Stevensons Marcia 2; res, Newton Hall Farms Holstein cow Vanhaven Mason Zetta.

Interbreed team Ayrshire; res, Holstein.

Progeny group Ayrshire; res, Holstein.

Ayrshire G Lawrie and Sons cow Bankend Wren 104; res, M W and A Stevensons cow-in-milk Stevensons Marcia 2.

Holstein A Lairds cow in calf Bonvale Broker Natasha, and res with cow-in-milk Haydonhill Skychief Kary.

Jersey R F and J F Heaths cow-in-milk Ravenfield Dannys Martha; res, J D Andersons cow-in-milk Mayne Tip Top Walnut.

Dairy Shorthorn J Teasdale and Sons cow-in-milk Brafell Lorn Lady; res, &#42 S Craig and Sons cow in calf New Park Digitalis.


Interbreed A E and C Stewarts Scotch Halfbred shearling ewe with lambs at foot; res, S P and C P Williams Texel ram.

Interbreed pairs Charollais; res, Bluefaced Leicester.

Blackface W Ramsay and Sonss shearling ram; res, D C Marshalls shearling ewe.

North Country Cheviot The Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trusts ewe with lambs at foot; res, W and J Thomsons shearling ewe.

Border Leicester J and J Kinlochs shearling ram; res, M and A Steel and Sons ewe.

Suffolk J &#42 Christie and Sons shearling ram; res, S G Mair and Sons ewe lamb.

Cheviot C J and J M Symons shearling ewe; res, J F Irving and Sons ram.

Halfbred A E and C Stewarts shearling ewe, and res with ewe.

Bluefaced Leicester A Bastians shearling ewe; res, D Cruikshanks ewe.

Jacob Mr and Mrs W Crowes ewe; res, M Leggates shearling ram.

Texel S P and C P Williams ram; res, Douganhill Farms ewe.

Ryeland S J Brydens ram; res, A M Humphries ewe.

Charollais P and F Hancocks shearling ram; res, R and M Patersons ewe.

Shetland M McEwen-Kings shearling ram; res, Mr and Mrs T A Findlays shearling ewe.

Oxford Down G C Watson and C J Grains ram, and res with ewe lamb.

Rouge de lOuest D C S Alexanders ram; res, J and S Wilkinsons ewe.

Berrichon du Cher K McGlothlins ram; res, D Griffiths ewe.

Scotch Mule J Warnock and Sons shearling ewe; res, N McQuistins ewe lamb.

Wensleydale J N and S M Prescotts ram, and res with ewe.

Beltex Biggar Beltex Partnerships ram; res, J A McGarvas shearling ewe.

Lleyn L Barnards shearling ram; res, C P Sackville Hamiltons shearling ewe.

Commercial A E and C Stewarts ewe; res, W and J Thomsons North Country Cheviot ewe.

Prime lambs live R and G Colegraves pen of three Continental cross lambs; res WS Howats pen of three Continental cross lambs.


Dairy goats Mr and Mrs S P McLeans female Merrymanse Molly; res, J Martins female Tweedside Seil.

Angora goats M Bells purebred buck Engedi Nantucket; res, Mr and Mrs G T Russells purebred buck Gillstone Jet. &#42

Stetson clad Canadian judge Robert Matthews says that interbreed beef champion Millbrook Lancelot from Crawford Bros is strongly muscled with plenty of capacity and looks like he would be easy calving.

A Scotch Halfbred ewe with two lambs won the interbreed sheep title. The first time a commercial ewe has won this title in the shows history.

Winners of the interbreed dairy group award were these well-matched Ayrshires. They beat the Holstein group into reserve position.

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