Dairy UK holds inaugural meeting

THE CHAIRMAN of the newly-formed Dairy UK has said it is vital for the dairy industry to capitalise on a ‘new era of consensus‘.

Donald Curry said the widespread support for a co-ordinated and unified approach to addressing industry issues was unprecedented and widespread.

“There is a genuine appetite for a new era of consensus and the industry must make the most of it.

“We have been accused too often in the past of pursuing individual agendas but this must change.
“There are those who remain wedded to a ‘them and us‘ outlook but hopefully they will finally see the best way forward is to work constructively together.”
Sir Donald‘s comments were made after Dairy UK held its inaugural board meeting at the NFU offices in London on Wed (Oct 20).
It was the first time that representatives of milk processors, co-ops and farming interests have sat around the table together as part of one organisation.
“There were people within the industry who said it would never happen – but it has,” said Sir Donald.

“It has been a great achievement by those throughout the industry who firmly believe that we can achieve more together than we can independently.”

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