Dairymen told quality is the key

27 October 1999

Dairymen told quality is the key

QUALITY is a priority to survival in the dairy industry, delegates were told at the National Farmers Union of Scotland milk forum at South Queensferry, West Lothian.

Hugh Kerr, nutrition specialist and dairy adviser, said that by rejecting milk that was not up to standard, producers would help take some of the surplus out of the system.

He argued it was the bottom 10% of milk in terms of quality which often played a disproportionate part in determining price.

Kerr supported the idea of branding Scottish milk, an idea suggested by several delegates.

Support also came for the view that the Milk Development Council should close its research and development activities and divert its energies to marketing milk.

Mr Kerr said the problem was not solely about the low milk price.

He pointed to the low returns for calves and cull cows as being the other side of the equation.

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