Danes support clear labelling

28 October 1999

Danes support clear labelling

By FWi Staff

Thursday, 28 October, 1999

THE Danish Bacon and Meat Council has given its support to clear and prominent food labelling claiming there is “an abiding infinity” by British consumers for Danish bacon.

Regular NOP surveys confirm about a third of all consumers still identify Danish as their preferred choice even though 50% of Danish pigs entering the UK continue to be reared on stall and tether systems, claimed the DBMC.

“We have always supported the principle of clear labelling, allowing consumers to make an informed choice,” said John Howard, marketing director of DBMC.

“In the light of current concerns over imported food, consumers can remain totally confident of Danish food safety standards.”

But Peter Gadd, Nottingham NFU county chairman believes consumer support for British food is much higher than the Danes claim.

At a protest aimed to encourage shoppers to buy British at Safeways Gamston store, Nottinghamshire last Saturday Mr Gadd claimed 95% were fully supportive of a buy British initiative.

The Meat and Livestock Commission said although it could not prove shoppers favoured British bacon 80% of consumers now recognised the MLCs Quality standard for pigmeat mark.

Consumption of British pigmeat had been improving in recent years, said Meryl Ward of the British Pig Industry Support Group.

But this had not held this year because so many pig farmers had gone out of business, she said. “People who would source British bacon but cant.”

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