Data entry time could be halved

 A NEW computer-based system for managing sales orders, despatch notes and invoices could halve the data entry time, claim its owners.

The Sales Order Processing system from Farmplan is currently still undergoing final testing, but is due to be launched in January 2005, said the firm‘s Jackie Earl.

The package will be primarily suited to small agricultural merchants, vegetable packers and potato growers, she said, pointing out that it will replace the firm‘s old DOS-based invoice manager.

Once entered, sales order information can be automatically converted to a despatch note and then used to generate an invoice, she explained.

“This data can also then be used to update our accounting package on a weekly basis,” she said.

The system not only significantly cuts data entry time, but will also help in meeting increasing demands for traceability across the industry, she added.

Further information on the package can be found at

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