Data translations

13 March 1998

Data translations

FANCY going all-out at precision farming, but havent the time to process yield mapping information into useful maps? Then Precision Field Services could be of interest.

Based at Duns, Berwickshire, Precision Field Services (PFS) acts as an agency to process combine yield mapping data into useful field maps for management purposes.

"Many farmers want to evaluate precision farming on a field scale, but find the task of processing the data too daunting," explains PFS director, Richard Smith. "With only a narrow window between combining and drilling, few farmers will have the time to spare."

"Farmers can send in their yield data on disk, or download information to us using an on-line service, from which we can process the data and send them a yield map." Following on from the yield map, PFS is able to advise customers of their next step.

"We can then provide a GPS-based soil sampling service and soil maps which ultimately will lead to application maps for spreaders, sprayers and drills," he says.

PFS reckons its service allows farmers to dip their toes in the precision farming pool without getting their feet too wet. In addition to map production, the firm offers other map-based services which can be evaluated on a field by field basis, before investing in the necessary machinery or hardware.

The cost of producing a yield map from customers data – the first stage in PFSs process – starts at about £1/acre. &#42

Precision Field Services can process your combine yield mapping data into an understandable format for management purposes.

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