Date-based beef exportscheme wins qualified welcome

07 May 1998

Date-based beef export
scheme wins qualified welcome

A QUALIFIED welcome has been given to Government proposals for the introduction of a date-based beef export scheme.

Abattoir owners and vets have reservations on technicalities, but farmers unions, the Livestock Auctioneers Association and the British Cattle Association, firmly back the plan.

The National Farmers Union, in its submission to the Ministry of Agriculture, says basing the system on veterinary declarations would involve time and expense. It prefers the farmer declaration approach. However, the British Veterinary Association has expressed some concerns about this.

The NFU also offered a third option based on the database to be built by the British Cattle Movement Services which it feels would be a more reliable, albeit longer-term, alternative.

  • The Scotsman 07/05/98 page 28

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