Date-based scheme holds us back – Curry

By FWi staff

MARKETING effort from the Meat and Livestock Commission is being held back by the Date-based Export Scheme, chairman Don Curry told farmers on Monday (27 November).

The British beef industry faces a challenge and an opportunity to strengthen its marketing efforts in overseas markets, he said, speaking at the Smithfield Show.

“But our efforts are being constrained by the cost and demanding conditions of the Date-based Export Scheme.

And no matter how hard we try, it is always going to be difficult,” said Mr Curry.

Mr Curry stressed the importance of keeping up the pressure at EU level to ease some of the conditions when there was a risk of it slipping down the agenda because of the focus on resolving the European BSE problem.

“We have the most rigorous controls in Europe and our beef is among the best and the safest.

“It is tempting to be self-satisfied; but now is not the time for jingoism.

“And looking at the other side of the coin, in the interests of consumer confidence, we must make sure that imports conform to the same standards imposed on this country.”

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