19 June 1998

NHcombine makes


NEW Holland chose Cereals 98 as the venue to launch its latest TF Elektra combine harvester – the TF76 – and as the place to judge initial reaction to its innovative TV140 Bi-Di articulated steer tractor.

Aimed at farmers, rather than contractors, cutting around 405ha (1000 acres) of crops, the TF76 costs £178,570 and enters the New Holland combine range below the TF78 to replace the current TF42 and TF44 models.

Power comes from a 260hp New Holland engine. Standard specification includes the Discovery cab and a 6m (20ft) Autofloat table. Total separation area is 4.55sqm (50sq ft) with a sieve area of 5.4sq m (58sq ft) and grain is held in an 8000 litre capacity tank.

New Hollands other offering, its TV140 Versatile articulated steer, Bi-Di (bi-directional) tractor, also caught the eye.

The smallest model to come out of the Versatile factory, the TV140 uses a 6-cylinder engine turbocharged to 135hp and an electrically controlled, fully hydrostatic transmission with three speed ranges from 8-29kph (5-18mph).

Specification includes constant four-wheel drive and the articulated steering gives a maximum articulation angle of 45deg and in reverse drive mode the seat and complete control console rotates through 15 or 180deg. Other standard features include front and rear 540/1000rpm ptos and an electronically controlled Cat II rear linkage with a lift capacity of 2.9t.

That combination of features makes the TV140 both a livestock and arable sector tractor – suited to operating equipment such as front and rear mower combinations and root crop harvesting machinery.

New Holland anticipates the TV140 will be available in the UK in about a years time.

The TV140 Bi-Di with three speed fully hydrostatic transmission and front and rear pto is expected in the UK in 1999.

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