DEFRA expands appeals panel

DEFRA HAS appointed 28 new members to the Independent Agriculture Appeals Panel.

The IAAP is the body which considers appeals by farmers and traders over disputes with the Rural Payments Agency.

The RPA is an executive agency of DEFRA responsible for overseeing all payments made under the CAP and will be responsible for the single farm payment.

The recruits will join an existing panel of 16 members.

Panel members are paid a fee of £158 a day for attending hearings plus a half day‘s preparation fee, together with expenses.

The IACS Appeal Procedure was introduced on April 1 2002 and was followed by the UK Appeal Procedure for non-IACS Schemes which came into force on April 1 2004.

Two further appeal procedures have been introduced for farmers unhappy with decisions taken by the RPA in establishing their entitlements under the Single Payment Scheme.

These are the Single Payment Scheme Appeal Procedure in England and the Single Payment Scheme Moorland Line Appeal Procedure in England.

A further appeal procedure will be introduced next year to deal with appeals from farmers dissatisfied with decisions taken in connection with the SPS.

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