DEFRA offers census prizes

FARMERS WHO return their June census forms promptly will have their names entered into a prize draw.

DEFRA has introduced a new incentive for farmers to return their forms on time – edible prizes including farm-produced chocolates, cases of wine and assorted cheeses.

Farmers randomly selected to take part in this year‘s survey will have received their forms in the first week of June. 

These should be returned to DEFRA by Jun 16 to ensure entry to the first draw. Returns may also be made online. 

The new scheme will be monitored closely and if it proves successful in encouraging prompt replies it will be extended in the future.
The main prizes will be cases of English wine from the Three Choirs Vineyard in Gloucestershire.

Smaller prizes are baskets of cheese and chocolates. 

The cheese comes from Butlers Farmhouse in Lancashire, a family business making traditional style cheeses using milk from neighbouring farms. 

The chocolates are made by ‘Sloe Motion‘ near Malton, North Yorkshire, and owe their flavour to sloe berries from blackthorn hedges on Richard and Julia Brown’s arable farm.

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