DEFRA pledges full redress for cull damage

By FWi staff

FARMERS will be fully reimbursed for all items seized or destroyed by MAFF or its successor, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, as a result of foot-and-mouth disease.

After much representation by the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV), this was confirmed in a letter from MAFF to Jeremy Moody, secretary and adviser to CAAV.

Compensation could include items ranging from buildings and feed to medicines and sheepdogs.

The department has established a specific claims unit for this purpose in London, to which full details of such claims and any supporting evidence can be sent.

MAFF also told CAAV that any farmer who objected to damage being caused by cleaning and disinfecting buildings could ask for it to be stopped.

It also accepted that it did not have the powers to compel farms to undertake their own repairs to damage caused in the process of disease control.

“All these issues have raised problems with which we have had to grapple, advise on and raise with ministers,” said Mr Moody.


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