Deliver better droplets

30 November 2001

Deliver better droplets

AIR inclusion nozzles need avoiding when applying autumn graminicides, the latest work conducted at Silsoe Research Institute confirms.

The field trials show flat fan nozzles used at 100litres/ha deliver a better droplet spectrum and achieve better weed control.

"Everybody lumps nozzles together, but there is a big difference between them," says Syngenta applications specialist Tom Robinson.

At the early timing Bubblejets and Drift-betas both gave poorer control, even when a surfactant was included.

At flag leaf emergence, when some growers prefer to apply graminicides, nozzle choice was less critical. But in the trial, which used half-rates, control dropped significantly below the 95-100% achieved earlier in the season.

"That is a big difference. It shows why early application is so important and why full rates are needed if you have to go late," notes Mr Robinson. &#42

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