Devon farmer’s warning over online tractor scam

A Devon farmer is warning others to be on the alert after his farm details were used to advertise a tractor online without his knowledge.

Farmers Weekly Farmer Focus writer Mathew Cole said he was surprised to receive a phone call asking about his tractor for sale on the international trading website eBay.

“A man rang me up asking about a tractor but I don’t have a tractor for sale. I asked him why he thought I had and he said my address was included in the seller’s details.

“He rang me because he said he felt it looked suspicious. I was a bit shocked as I don’t even use eBay – I had to register so that I could contact the security department to tell them.”

Mr Cole said he went online to check and found a John Deere 6800 – not his tractor – up for sale with the his full address including postcode.

“If these things are going on, then other farms need to know about it,” he said.

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