Director general retires from MLC

08 June 1998

Director general retires from MLC

By FWi staff

COLIN McLEAN, director general of the Meat and Livestock Commission, has announced his retirement.

In statement released today (Monday), the MLC said Mr McLean was instrumental in introducing a culture of change to the organisation, replacing its civil-service attitude with a more professional business approach.

Mr McLean joined the MLC as director of its technical division in 1988 and took over the post of director general in 1991.

He said the MLC was living proof that Government quangos can operate as commercial businesses and be market-led, yet still retain the respect and confidence of industry leaders.

This, and the fact that the MLC had weathered the BSE storm, assisting the industry through its darkest moment while helping to restore consumer confidence in red meat, had been his proudest moments, he said.

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