Disappointing harvest finished

30 August 2001

Disappointing harvest finished

Harvest was finished last Sunday for Richard Solari, who farms near Telford in Shropshire. Winter crops have been disappointing, but spring barley has been ok.

Claire winter wheat has yielded about 6.2t/ha (2.5t/acre), which is below the normal average of 8.6t/ha (3.5t/acre). “I would say that 0.5t/ha (1.2t/ha) of the fall in yield was due to poor drilling conditions and another 0.5t/acre (1.2t/ha) due to drought through May and June.”

The farm grew Optic barley this year as not all the wheat was drilled on the sandy loam soil. “I have been pleasantly surprised by this.” It has yielded 6t/ha (2.45t/acre), which he says is respectable.

Winter barley has been the most disappointing crop on the farm, averaging 5.2t/ha (2.1t/acre)

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