Disappointment at Welsh virus case

28 June 2001

‘Disappointment’ at Welsh virus case

By FWi staff

FARMERS leaders in Wales have expressed disappointment at news of another case of foot-and-mouth in the principality.

Foot-and-mouth was confirmed at Libanus near Brecon on Wednesday (27 June), next to where another case was confirmed on Saturday.

That was the first outbreak in Wales for almost a month.

The 360 sheep involved in the latest case have already been slaughtered as part of the contiguous cull following the weekend incident.

FUW President Bob Parry said: “This is further proof that we still have some way to go before this terrible disease is finally defeated.

“I hope that as this latest case was confirmed on land where the sheep have already been slaughtered as part of the contiguous cull policy, the disease has been halted in its tracks.”

Vets have taken tests from hundreds of sheep in the Brecon Beacons to check for the disease where thousands of sheep graze on common land.

Meanwhile, Tony Blair has pledged a “proper inquiry” into the foot-and-mouth crisis, but refused to be drawn on what form it will take.

The Conservatives and farming groups have called for a public inquiry.

Speaking at Commons question time on Wednesday, Mr Blair said any inquiry could not begin until the epidemic was over.

Tory leader William Hague said the foot-and-mouth outbreak was the worst epidemic on record and that rural businesses face ruin.

“There is huge suspicion in the countryside about how the epidemic began and how it was handled, said Mr Hague.

The only way to allay those suspicions and find the truth is for a full, independent and public inquiry.”

In addition to the Welsh outbreak, another case of foot-and-mouth was also confirmed in North Yorkshire on Wednesday (27 June).

The UK total now stands at 1790, including 94 cases in Wales.


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