Discs drive injector

29 January 1999

Discs drive injector

A NEW slurry injection system for grassland has been developed by Danish slurry equipment manufacturer Harso.

Designed to be used either attached to the rear of a slurry tanker or, if required, behind a tractor and fed with slurry from an umbilical system, the Harso Zig-Zag uses laterally oscillating discs to create slots into which slurry is injected.

Key to the system is a set of discs, 30cm (12in) apart, which are attached via a bracket to a drive shaft running the width of the 9m unit. The drive shaft has series of slight bends in it which, as it rotates, causes the brackets and discs to move from side to side and create a slot 2cm wide. A flange on each of the discs prevents them from penetrating the soil to a depth of more than 5cm.

Behind each disc, running in the prepared slot is a coulter through which up to 30t/ha of slurry is injected into the soil.

Harso says the system allows up to 30t/ha of slurry to be applied with only minimal disturbance to the grass surface.

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