Disquiet over the genetic revolution

15 July 1998

Disquiet over the genetic revolution

THE GUARDIANS Society supplement reports on the genetic revolution in agriculture in two separate features.

One claims the science behind the genetic revolution in agriculture can be used to develop biochemical weapons. It says bullish biotechnologists play down the potential risks of their work but it claims arrogance could be their downfall.

The other, written by Julie Hill, programme adviser of the Green Alliance, and a member of the Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment (Acre), asks whether Acre members are the right people to be advising government on genetically-modified crops.

She said Acre shouldnt be advising government, not because its members try to influence decisions to serve their own purposes as Friends of the Earth claim, but because its remit is too narrow.

She said Acres jurisdiction does not take into consideration some important environmental impacts such as what pesticides will be used in conjunction with GM crops. Julie Hill is the only non-scientist on Acres 13-member panel.

  • The Guardian 15/07/98 page 4-5

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