Doctor ‘sorry’ for Daily Mail milk comments

The doctor who wrote an article in the Daily Mail suggesting British milk is tainted by pus and hormones has apologised to dairy farmers for her comments.

Dr Sohère Roked sparked outrage among milk producers for her comments which were printed in Saturday’s paper (30 September).

In the article “Healthy food that saps your energy” she referred to “pus’” in milk and said that cows were injected with hormones to keep them milking all year and “these pass into our milk”.

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Dairy industry representatives have sent a letter of complaint to the Daily Mail, pointing to the factual inaccuracies in the article.

“I am not against dairy. I drink milk and love cheese. I simply believe in good-quality production.”
Dr Sohère Roked

Individual farmers have also contacted Dr Roked on twitter and Facebook to make their objections to the piece known.

In response the doctor published the following statement on her Facebook page on Monday evening (1 September): “I am sorry for any offence I have caused. That never was, or would be, my intention.

“I am not against dairy. I drink milk and love cheese. I simply believe in good-quality production.

“I fully support the UK’s strong regulations and believe they are one reason why our food production industry is one of the world’s best. That said, people should be aware of what can go on in the wider, global food industry beyond the UK’s borders. I wish I had made that distinction clearer.”

Amanda Ball, DairyCo head of communications and marketing said the organisation was grateful for the apology, but dairy farmers had made it clear that they were frustrated by poorly researched, critical comments of the industry.

“In these circumstances, given the damage caused to the industry’s reputation by these inaccuracies being published in a national newspaper, a formal retraction and apology would be appropriate.”

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