Dream selling season for kiwi fruit

24 February 1999

‘Dream selling season’ for kiwi fruit

A “DREAM global selling season” has just ended for New Zealands kiwi fruit industry, reports the Financial Times.

Kiwi fruit sales totalled 60 million trays, up from 48m last year, giving growers the best returns for a decade, says the paper.

Success has been due to effective marketing, a rise in productivity, changes in supply and demand as well as the big fall in the New Zealand dollar.

New Zealand suffered in the 1980s from competition, a threat which drove many into financial embarrassment in 1995.

Since then, the producers restructured their marketing board and began an international marketing campaign.

Sales to Japan, Europe and the USA have been buoyant, and the outlook for the new season is extremely positive, claims the marketing board.

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