Drench for health

9 July 1999


Smooth drink can pile on the weight

MAXIMISE cattle liveweight gains at grass using Pasturade, a new liquid supplement, says manufacturer FSL Bells.

The company explains that the supplement helps smooth out variability in the mineral and trace element content of summer grass.

Pasturade is based on a blend of molasses and distillers syrup and contains 10 forms of essential elements including protected copper, selenium and zinc, it says.

It costs 10-12p a head a day (01249-700750, fax 01249-700751).

RIPwaste with a Tombstone kit

MINIMISE waste when feeding round bale silage to large or horned stock with the Tombstone covered bale feeder, says manufacturer Ritchie Farm Equipment.

The feeder has tombstone dividers around the sides to give 10 feed spaces and is covered with a large sheet metal roof to keep feed dry, it says.

A full-width hinged access door and height of 2.2m (7.3ft) is said to make filling and cleaning out easier. It can be transported by fitting to a tractor three-point linkage.

Supplied in kit form for self-assembly, it costs from £562 (01307-462271, fax 01307-464081).

Make bait target for right rodents

KEEP bait fresh and away from non-target animals using Bait Mate, says manufacturer Sorex.

Made from tough plastic, its weatherproof construction allows indoor and outdoor use with all bait types, says the company.

The device is said to have a tamper-proof lock and can be anchored to the floor to provide a semi-permanent baiting station.

A free rodent baiting record book and bait point stickers, supplied with Bait Mate, help producers to meet ACCS requirements, it adds.

A pack of four costs £3.96 (0151-4207151, fax 0151-4951163).

Drench for health

IMPROVE sheep health, fertility and performance with Proboost, says manufacturer Provita.

The drench, containing vitamins, minerals and trace elements is recommended when sheep are facing a nutritional challenge, such as a week before tupping or lambing, says the company.

Lamb growth rates can also be improved in areas where mineral and vitamin deficiencies are common, it adds.

Proboost can be administered at the same time as wormer. Ewes should be given 15ml and lambs 5-10ml.

A one-litre pack costs £36 and 2.5 litres is £81 (01662-252352, fax 01662-241734).

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