Driver rule will cost

5 April 2002

Driver rule will cost

PROPOSED new EU rules on goods vehicles driver hours will result in the UK industry passing millions of £s of costs on to their customers, warns the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

Due to be implemented in January 2004, the rules could also have an important bearing on the transport of agricultural goods. Farm milk collection, for example, which in most circumstances enjoys an exemption to drivers rules is expected to be required to conform to the new regulations.

There is also likely to be an effect on the livestock transport industry.

Like other currently exempted operations – a list which includes vehicles used in connection with gas, electricity, telephone services and postal deliveries – the new EU rules will require operators to install tachographs.

According to the FTA, the number of vehicles affected could be as high as 40,000 – each requiring tachograph installation at a cost of up to £500/unit, plus driver training and administration costs. &#42

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