Drum accessories beat spill trouble

16 January 1998

Drum accessories beat spill trouble

KEEP the workshop floor free from spillages when dispensing from and filling drums by using Empteezys latest accessories to fit 205-litre drums.

Comprising a drum funnel and drum tray, the polyethylene funnel fits over the top of the drum and enables liquids to be poured in while reducing the volume of vapour escaping from the drum. A hinged lid keeps the funnel clean.

Empteezy says its drum tray complements the funnel. Also of polyethylene construction, with the tray placed beneath the drum, a 50-litre capacity is available to contain spills and drips.

Prices are £42.75 for the FL50 drum funnel and £50.50 for the drum tray (01506-430309).

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