Dry glyphosate gives welcome double gain

28 June 2002

Dry glyphosate gives welcome double gain

WHEN it comes to destroying a cover crop French growers have the option of using a dry glyphosate formulation that both cuts packaging problems and filling delays, says manufacturer Monsanto.

Its Roundup Energy contains 680g of glyphosate/kg with surfactant included, the equivalent of a 720g/litre formulation of the liquid product, says the firms Pierre-Yves Kerrgoat.

Packed in a 10kg bag, there is no need to rinse cans, saving time when filling, and the empty bag carries about 100 times less residue than traditional containers. While burning agrochemical packaging is banned in France, the bag greatly reduces the volume of waste that should be packaged and returned to the distributor, he adds.

Cost of the dry formulation is the equivalent of £7/kg. "That is about the same as a liquid formulation plus surfactant," he says.

Monsanto says UK product Roundup Max is identical and should be widely available.

Farmer turnout

600 farmers turned up for the Villers St Christophe event, the most northerly of the Interculturales series, slightly down on the Champagne turnout of 800, says Mr Prevot. For future dates see www.itcf.fr

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