Durable pillow makes for comfier cows

18 December 1998

Durable pillow makes for comfier cows

MAKE cows more comfortable in their cubicles by replacing concrete or wooden rails that prevent them lying too far forward with a soft Poly Pillow, says Wilson Agriculture.

Its Poly Pillow is made in Canada of soft polyethylene and is said to be durable and provide cows with a safer bed.

Cows on pasture lie with their front legs stretched forward for about 25% of the time. But when there is a wooden or concrete rail at the front of the bed that could be difficult or dangerous, says Wilson Agriculture. But using a Poly Pillow allows cows to extend their legs safely.

It is said to be easy to install on top of any make of cubicle mat. Each Poly Pillow section is 2.4m (8ft) long and 16cm (6.4in) wide.

A Poly Pillow costs about £8 for each cow space (01935-872629, fax 01935-872006).

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