E-business tool tracks livestock

By FWi staff

MANAGEMENT company Shearwell Data has joined forces with farming e-business site Farmgate to set up a national livestock management database for cattle and sheep.

The NLMD, launched at this years Smithfield Show, is an internet-based data management solution, which will allow farmers to access detailed information about an animals performance on-line, according to Shearwells Richard Webber.

It will also enable farmers to purchase stock electronically using data including growth rates of the animal and its relations.

However, it wont spell the end of auctioneers and live markets, said Mr Webber.

“It will work alongside auctioneers, which will act as audit and collection centres.”

The software package will be compatible with Shearwells bolus identification system, which records an animals performance and offers full traceability, he said.

However, farmers will also be able to input data manually.


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