EA says prepare for effluent trouble

26 June 1998

EA says prepare for effluent trouble

ENVIRONMENT Agency officials have issued warnings this week urging producers to review handling and storage of silage effluent ahead of second cut being taken amid more unsettled weather.

The combination of wet weather and lush grass is a recipe for increasing effluent, suggest Scottish EA officials.

Unless adequate provision is made to handle effluent, fines of £20,000 and/or imprisonment will be imposed, they warn.

While there are concerns with the provision of existing facilities, the EA is warning that temporary field clamps could be particularly risky as they have little or no effluent storage system.

Tips for minimising unnecessary production of effluent include:

&#8226 Extend wilting

&#8226 Divert rain water from clamps

&#8226 Check condition of storage tanks

&#8226 Keep drains clear

To dispose of effluent safely, producers could feed it to cattle or water it down for land disposal, suggests the EA. &#42

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