Éclair woman fell out with PR guru

29 February 2000

Éclair woman ‘fell out with PR guru’

THE woman who squashed a chocolate éclair into the face of farming minister Nick Brown is reported to have had a major fall-out with the publicity guru involved in the incident.

Birgit Cunningham said she made her headline-grabbing protest at the National Farmers Union annual general meeting to highlight the crisis in agriculture.

While publicist Max Clifford spoke on the incident, Ms Cunningham insists she only consulted him afterwards.

According to the Ephraim Hardcastle gossip column in the Daily Mail Ms Cunningham, accompanied by a bodyguard, recently went to Mr Cliffords office.

She is said to have demanded he sign a statement saying her actions were not a publicity stunt but a genuine reaction to the farming crisis.

Mr Clifford is said to have refused to sign and called the police.

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