Early sales is aim

23 November 2001

Early sales is aim

The main thrust of Mr Shaws grain marketing is to sell premium-earning crops, like milling wheat and malting barley, early. "We moved Chariot spring malting barley in November for £80/t.

"We tend to sell steadily through the season, but what I am trying to avoid is taking £75/t for soft wheats now." Most of the winter barley for malting went straight off the combine at £72/t.

"I am selling everything, except last years contracts, net of weighbridge charges. I stipulate that when I make a sale. It might save us £7/load and avoids messing about with VAT on the charge.

"Merchants dont like it but they have all complied. I accept they may knock it off up-front in the price, but Id far rather have it that way."

Capping-off charges for part loads are becoming irritating as lorry size increases, he notes. "They are yet another hassle. There are hardly any 20t lorries about – they are mostly 27 and 30 tonners, so its getting harder to avoid the charges." &#42

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