Easy-start blower is a breeze to use

9 November 2001


Temperature labels look like a hot idea

NEED to monitor the maximum temperature of pipework, machinery or metals during welding?

London-based Carel Components has added a series of miniature temperature monitoring labels into its Hermet range.

Designated the "Compact 5" series, the yellow labels are claimed to be highly visible and easy to read.

Measuring 10mm x 24mm, the labels are used in groups of five and each one contains three windows.

The windows monitor an ascending temperature range and turn black within  1% of 1C of their shown range, says Carel Components.

Available in packs of 20, the standard range monitors 43C to 138C in four temperature selections (020-8946 9882 ccs@carel.co.uk).

Rechargeable lamp brightens up autumn

WANT a powerful handlamp to light up the darker autumn evenings?

Nightsearcher now offers a rechargeable and rugged handlamp which is designed to provide a powerful spot beam.

Housed in moulded polyethylene for extra durability, the Endurance handlamp is powered by a 6v 4a/h lead acid battery. The Krypton bulb provides "bright" six hours light output from an eight-hour charge and has a digital switch to achieve extra reliability.

Fitted with an LED to indicate low battery level, the Endurance handlamp can be recharged directly from the mains or vehicle battery. Price is £28 (01243-370222 sales@Nightsearcher.co.uk).

Spaldings parts range is whole lot bigger

SPALDINGS has expanded its 10,000 strong product range with the addition of 750 new components.

The new range comprises 10 main product groups including front axle and cooling system parts, batteries, together with starters and alternators. Other products in the line up include clutches, cab parts, filters, oil, rear linkage parts and tools.

Spaldings says all parts are sourced from both OEM and after market suppliers.

A new 70-page full colour catalogue is now available which provides comprehensive information about the new range (01522-500600, sales@spaldings.co.uk).

Easy-start blower is a breeze to use

COUNTAX now distributes an Echo blower range for clearing up leaves and debris.

The PB-2200S is described as a lightweight blower equipped with I-start, a feature designed to enable easy starting in one operation.

Weighing 4.5kg, the PB-2200S produces an air speed of up to 53m/sec, says Countax. Other blowers in the range include the PB-2155 and PB-2455 hand-held units.

The PB-2155 also produces a maximum air speed of 53m/sec, while the largest PB-2455 model can deliver air speeds of up to 63m/sec.

Prices for the PB-2155 and PB-2455 are £249 and £269, respectively (01844-278800) www.countax.com).

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