Eco-terrorists might scare GM trial farms

22 January 1999

Eco-terrorists might scare GM trial farms

FEARS of eco-terrorism could prevent farmers taking part in genetically modified crop trials, the NFU believes.

Shropshire farmer and chairman of the NFU biotechnology working group, Ben Boot, told union council last week that everyone was very well aware of eco-terrorism but no-one was clear about how it could be countered .

The threat that those opposed to GMs might appear on farms and rip crops out, as they had done in the past, could prevent farmers being willing to be involved in trials. That would prevent the industry getting the information it needed about how the new technology performed.

Union president, Ben Gill, also SAID that anyone involved in trials had to accept that all the information would go on the internet and would be there, along with the farm details, for anyone to see. &#42

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