Ed Davey replaces Chris Huhne as energy secretary

Ed Davey has been confirmed as the new secretary of state for energy and climate change following the departure of Chris Huhne.

Mr Huhne was forced to step down following the announcement that he will face a criminal charge in connection with a speeding offence.

Mr Davey will now take responsibility for energy policy which impacts on farmers investing in areas like on-farm renewables.

The Country Land and Business Association welcomed Mr Davey to his new role and urged him to learn about the role farmers and land managers can play in helping to fight climate change.

“Land managers everywhere have an important part to play in climate change mitigation,” said a spokesman.

“We will continue to urge the government and the EU to ensure that the role of land managers in this vital area is properly recognised and look forward to meeting Mr Davey to discuss how the CLA can help to drive the agenda on the challenges ahead.”

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