Either-side feeding with Khuns 10cu m model

13 August 1999

Either-side feeding with Khuns 10cu m model

KUHN is set to launch a new 10cu m diet feeder at this autumns European Dairy Farming Event (Sept 22/23).

Based on the companys existing 14cu m model, the Euromix II 1060 retains the same mixing system and employs two horizontal augers which move material to the centre of the body box.

Once at the centre, the action of a fixed central counter knife and curved blades is designed to accelerate the chopping of fibrous material. Big bales are claimed to pose few problems.

An electronic weighing system, comprising three weigh cells, uses an electronic display unit to monitor diet make-up. Up to 15 different feed components can be weighed, with the system also monitoring feed-out amounts.

Feed discharge, which can be to either side or to both sides of the machine, at the same time, is controlled using a hydraulically actuated hatch. According to Kuhn, positioning of the discharge chutes can be factory fitted to suit most building applications.

Controlled by a multi-function joystick, the Euromix II 1060 has a 5.60m (18ft 6in) loading height and has an 80hp requirement. Price is £19,655. &#42

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