Emigrating to Canada – take care

4 December 2000

Emigrating to Canada – take care

THERE must be several farmers who are considering emigrating to Canada to farm ,each for a variety of different reasons.

We emigrated to Canada in April 1997 to a farm we had purchased in 1996 .

The process of applying for immigration is time-consuming, but well within the capability of a farmer who fills in an IACS Form.

You will have to be very patient waiting to hear from the Canadian Immigration Department, unless they have speeded things up.

We are now back in the UK as things went seriously against us, coupled with some of my own serious

Canada is a great place to live – but
just be careful.

I have a few addresses of organisations which may be useful for those looking at the feasibility of farming on the prairies.

Be duly warned that grain farming in Canada is in a very depressed state at the present time – that is why there are so many realtors coming over here trying to sell farms.

A couple of excellent
Canadian farming papers to look at on the internet are the Western Producer (a weekly paper) and Grainews (monthly)

Nigel Edwards, Thornton le Moor, Lincolnshire


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