English to defy Scottish hunt ban

06 August 1999

English to defy Scottish hunt ban

FOXHUNTERS in the north of England plan to ignore the proposed Scottish hunting ban if the chase strays into Scotland, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Michael Hedley, master of the Border hunt, calls the legislation “stupid” and “unworkable”.

He said he was prepared to face the threat of a six-month jail sentence and a £5000 fine.

Labour MSP Lord Watson, who will table the Bill to outlaw hunting in the Scottish parliament, is expecting a smooth passage.

Donald Dewar, Scotlands First Minister, has promised that the bill would be given a fair amount of parliamentary time.

The Telegraph also reports that an anti-hunting group, Political Animal Lobbying, which has donated £1.1 million to Labour, gave a further £5000 this year.

The Herald reports that Scottish farmers leaders are urging their MSPs to get the beef industry back on its feet rather than worrying about hunting.

The newspaper reports from the Black Isle Show where a delegation of farming leaders put their views to Liberal Democrat MP Charles Kennedy.

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