DEFRA rapped by CLA over fly-tipping claim

Claiming that the number of fly-tipping incidents is dropping is ‘unfair’ to private landowners, according to the Country Land and Business Association.

The CLA has pointed out that DEFRA’s latest statistics on fly-tipping have ignored incidents on private land

“DEFRA’s statistics say that fly-tipping has reduced by 9.3 percent. It may be the case that incidents on public land are decreasing but illegal fly-tipping on private land is on the increase and these incidents are often not being recorded or even reported,” said CLA president Henry Aubrey-Fletcher.

“By stating that fly-tipping cases are dropping, DEFRA is taking the spotlight off a problem that still exists with private land where there is no system in place to help landowners recycle. This is plainly unfair.”

The CLA is calling for it to be made easier for farmers and landowners to dispose of waste at local tips.

Research shows that the average clear up cost is currently £809 per removal, as landowners are often charged for taking waste to a tip even though it has been dumped illegally on their land.

“Local authorities have systems in place to clear up public land but expect landowners to sort the problem when it is their land. Clearing fly-tipped waste costs, particularly if the waste is deemed hazardous,” said Mr Aubrey-Fletcher.

DEFRA’s statistics suggest that in 2008-09 there were 1.16m fly-tipping incidents dealt with by local authorities. 

This was a 9.3% decrease from the 1.28m reported in 2007-08.

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