Free signs on offer for farmers supporting CFE

Farmers are being encouraged to make their involvement in the Campaign for the Farmed environment very visible – by displaying signs on their farms.

The signs are being provided free-of-charge by Syngenta as part of its contribution to the campaign.

The campaign aims to demonstrate to government that farms and estates are providing environmental benefits and there is no need to re-introduce compulsory, unpaid set-aside.

As well as providing habitat and food for farmland birds, campaign measures are also designed to benefit farm wildlife and to protect soil and water resources.

Cambridgeshire farmer Chris Ascroft from Wilbraham Farms, Great Wilbraham has installed the signs on his farm to help explain the work he is carrying out the protect the countryside.

“These signs are an excellent way of explaining what farmers are doing and identifying where wildlife areas have been established,” he said.

“We welcome public access but we would like people to help us help the environment by not walking on these conservation areas.”

Mr Ascroft grows wheat, barley, sugar beet and peas on 800 hectares of land. As part of wildlife-friendly measures on the farm, he has established three half-hectare areas of pollen-rich habitat to encourage bees and other pollinating insects.

Other measures include creating beetle banks, six metre buffer strips alongside water courses, and leaving stubble in fields over winter, a move which is helping increase numbers of grey partridge on the farm.

Farmers and land managers can request their own signs by emailing or by calling 024 76858 536 and providing details of how they are taking part in the CFE.

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