Low-cost disposal of bale wrap

Cross-compliance rules mean farmers will no longer be able to burn or bury used plastic packaging like bale wrap.

Instead they will have to dispose of these wastes in more environmentally friendly ways.

Burning and burying will be banned next year, so the bulky material should be stored until enough accumulates to make up an economic load for collection by an approved waste collector.

Companies operating collection services charge about 100/t or much more if the plastic is dirty or wet meaning good storage conditions are a necessary requirement.

David Thomas, one of the best known Welsh farm equipment designers, has launched a simple low cost baler to package used plastic into bundles that are easy to handle and stack.

The cylindrical cage device is being manufactured at Kerry Forge, Tregynon in Powys and comes at a cost of 200. At 1100mm (44in) long, 700mm (27in) wide, 550mm (21in) deep, and weighing just 25kg it’s easily transportable and can be used at a number of sites.

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