New package for heat energy

A complete package for heating poultry houses with wood pellets has been put together by renewable energy company LandEnergy.

Tapping into financial support under the government’s new Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, the company says that its wood pellet biomass heating system can now compete financially with exisiting LPG and oil-based heating systems.

Each project will be assessed on an individual basis, says the company’s business development manager Hugh Montgomery, taking into account the poultry unit’s existing structure and heating needs.

LandEnergy will then design, finance, install and operate the heating system, including supplying wood pellets from its plant in south Wales, maintaining the equipment and disposing of the ash.

“Each project is set up on a long-term contract,” Mr Montgomery told Poultry World. “We put in a heat meter and set up a standing order for the farmer to buy the energy. Thanks to the RHI, which helps with the capital cost, we are now competitive with other fossil fuels.”

LandEnergy has already established district heating systems for local communities, and has an agreement to install wood pellet heating systems for a major poultry producer in the eastern counties.

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• Reduced fuel price volatility

• Improved air quality from conversion to dry heat

• Drier litter

• Less carbon dioxide and other noxious gases

• Wood pellets are a refined, consistent wood fuel